ATTENTION: You must check the SPRING Park schedule for special hours
during the week due to construction! I’ll send you a schedule as it comes

Hi Special Guests!

Everything you need is here! 🙂 PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS

Prefer a downloadable PDF file? Click HERE.

Door Code: 2319, then hit √ (check mark symbol)

WIFI Login: escape2themountains
Password: J3tcore1961
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This is a RURAL place but where people walk their dogs, jog etc… drive slowly and keep tight to your side of the road. You may come across wild animals like turkeys, deer, quail etc.

There is a long private driveway that leads to two properties. The Lodge is on the right through the gate that says WELCOME.

PARKING: pull LEFT into the space to the left of the Casita, to one side or the other (it’s a 2-space area).

You do not need a 4WD to visit Three Rivers. It does not snow at 1400ft, but there could be snow in the park. In that event, you may be required to carry snow chains. These can be rented many places locally for approx. $35 or so. (I recommend The Totem). You can also rent/buy your own, of course. Make sure to check updates on the SEKI website which is a GREAT SOURCE of Park info!

IMPORTANT: DO NOT PUT ANYTHING but toilet paper down the toilet. Septic system! NO WIPES!

Electric GRILL… should be ready to go! It takes approximately 30 minutes to pre-heat. Have fun with it and please be sure to scrape it down after you’re done with the tool provided. BE SURE TO TURN OFF CONTROLS after use.

Feel free to use any of the things in the kitchen like spices in the cupboards.

FIREPLACE: Please DO NOT USE if you are unexperienced with live wood fireplaces. You’ll find some fatwood fire-starter sticks and firewood in Fall/Winter season. (Do not use in summer!) Make sure flue is OPEN. You can purchase more firewood in town at the SHELL station (best) or the Village market if you need it. OR BRING YOUR OWN on your way up… (Probably cheaper!) Please use with caution! NOTE: local ordinance does not allow fires of any kind in the Summer. MAKE SURE to dispose of ANY ASHES in the black metal bucket on porch. Do not put in any other receptacle.

The TV does not have cable but is a “SMART” TV that can stream NETFLIX.

Keep ALL TRASH & recycling INSIDE—also, don’t leave any BBQ food stuff (extras, dirty plates, seasonings) outside after you’re done. I would be happy to remove anything for you during your stay, just pop me a note via Airbnb.

Black Bears are quite docile & sweet, but don’t give them a kiss or anything! Making a bunch of racket, “hazing”, is sure to get them scampering along. In the event of a close encounter, DO NOT RUN!! Make lots of noise, raise your arms etc., and back away slowly. They are omnivores, and just looking around for easy calories.

Please make sure all windows/doors are closed while running heat or AC. Also, when you leave, please turn it OFF, or at the very least on 78. You can turn it back up when you return!

Turn off LIGHTS and FANS when you leave for the day. It’s OK to leave the outside lights on and some lights on when you go to dinner, of course!

The RIVER directly across the road from the Casita is too steep to access at this time, but hopefully you can hear it 🙂 IMPORTANT: do not attempt to follow any paths to the right of my property; you’ll be trespassing & they’re salty about that around here. 😉

You are in a NO FIRE ZONE—the biggest danger we face here is fire. Do not take any risks… no candles, open flame, bonfire etc. WATCH MATCHES OUTSIDE if you smoke.

If you have perishables that you won’t be taking with you, please leave these in the fridge instead of putting into the trashcan & we will dispose of properly, thank you!


CHECK SEKI WEBSITE FOR UPDATES! … make sure to bring WATER + FOOD (Sierra Subs or Totem have sandwiches to go!) Take snacks too; hiking makes you thirsty + hungry!

44447 Dinely Drive
Three Rivers CA 93271